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Shared Conference Room Etiquette

When you share a conference room, whether in shared office space or a corporate setting, do you sometimes find the conference room taken over by more senior employees who have priority? Do you sometimes find the space in disarray after someone else has used it? If so, you’ll want to help establish a code of etiquette for your conference room.

Below are seven rules of shared conference room etiquette to put into practice.

1. Don’t use more space than you need. Have you booked the conference room for a meeting of two or three? Other meetings with a large number of participants need the space more than you do. Move your small meeting to your office or a coffee shop if a larger group needs the space. It’s good karma that will come back to you when you need it.

2. Reserve the conference room as soon as you know you’ll need it. Don’t wait until the last minute. And if you find your meeting cancelled, don’t forget to cancel your reservation immediately. Be mindful that others may need the space.

3. Only use it for meetings, not as a second office. While sometimes you need extra space to assemble a project or spread out materials, check with the other shared office members to make sure no one needs the room for an actual meeting. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Never use it without making a reservation. If you see the conference room is empty, don’t assume someone else doesn’t have a booking. If a colleague has reserved the conference room and finds you all spread out in it and he has to shoo you out and wait for you to clean up and clear out, bad feelings can result.

5. Leave it cleaner than you found it. Your mom isn’t here to pick up after you, so throw away trash, wipe down the table, brush crumbs off the chairs, wash any dishes used, and vacuum the carpets. Leave no evidence that you were ever there.

6. Allot enough time for your meetings and make your reservation accordingly. Don’t force the next reservation holder to throw you out of the conference room and generate hard feelings among the people you share space with. You may even want to book more time than you think you’ll need just to be safe.

7. Double-check you haven’t double booked the conference room. Take your time and read the reservation schedule. Make sure you haven’t booked a meeting twice, resulting in inconveniencing others who need the space. If you do accidentally double book your meeting, cancel the second reservation right away.

Source by Nathan Jansch