Types of Conference Room Seats

When you walk into a conference room for the first time, you may not think about the significance of the different types of   VIP conference seats and how they are arranged. But the type of chair and the layout of the room can actually have a big impact on the effectiveness of the meeting. Different situations call for different arrangements. FurnitureFromTurkey.com manufactures conference seats in Turkey with affordable rates. Here are some common types of conference room seats and when to use them.

Classroom Style

This is probably the most familiar type of conference room seat. The conference chairs are typically arranged in rows with aisles in between. This arrangement is good for lectures or presentations where participants will be taking notes. It gives everyone a clear view of the presenter and the screen. Classroom style with note taking also allows people to focus more easily because they are not as likely to be distracted by side conversations.

Conference Seats – Clasroom Seats – Auditorium Seats – Furniture From Turkey

U-Shape Style

That type of VIP conference seats is named for its obvious shape—conference chairs are arranged with writing table or in three rows facing each other. This arrangement is good for small group discussions or brainstorming sessions where people need to be able to see each other and share materials easily. It allows for more informal discussion and encourages people to interact with each other.

Conference Seats – Clasroom Seats – Auditorium Seats – Furniture From Turkey

Boardroom Style

In this type of seating, conference seats are arranged around all sides of a large table. It usually works best for meetings with up to 14 people. Boardroom style lets everyone see each other and encourages formal discussion. Conference seats cup holder are often used for interviews, executive meetings, or presentations where there needs to be easy access to materials on the table

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Square Style

This style is similar to u-shape, but the folding conference chairs are arranged in a square with an open space in the middle. Like u-shape, it works well for small group discussions where people need to see each other and share materials. The open space in the middle can be used for placing materials that everyone needs to reference or for holding breakout sessions.

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